Webcomics Might Be Just What Your Business Needs

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Image: "Agency Life Webcomics Sketch" by David Timmons

"Webcomics such as our 'Agency Life' example have been used in marketing plans from NBC to Zappos and beyond."

Judicious use of creativity can set your business apart from others in your industry. While tolerance for unusual ideas may vary by company, there is always room for doing something unique. Webcomics are one example you may be able to use to promote your organization.

Do you remember the NBC television series Heroes from 2006? NBC utilized a variety of promotional devices to generate buzz for its show. Every week artists released a new issue in a series of webcomics that provided character information and plot details not seen in the episodes. These Heroes webcomics were popular enough in their own right that NBC eventually compiled and sold them in printed form for extra merchandising revenue.

Even in more corporate settings you can find use of comics and webcomics in marketing. Zappos designed its employee handbook to resemble a comic book so that its employees would actually enjoy reading company policies. As a result, Zappos received tremendous attention from bloggers and news outlets all commenting on this unusual tactic. An internal creative decision to keep employees happy turned out to be a method that generated buzz for the business.

Successful marketing is all about a "test-and-measure" approach. Over the last two weeks I posted two experimental webcomics in the Tachmorn Marketing Facebook community. These strips are called "Agency Life" and contain scenarios that often arise when working in a marketing agency.

My goal was to create entertaining content for the Facebook community in order to generate further engagement. This is what we posted:

Agency Life: "Client Delivery" (1 of 2)

Agency Life: "Project Estimate" (2 of 2)

Producing webcomics requires a dedicated creative resource. You must plan a setting that complements your organization, design characters that will drive your stories, and write interesting plots or punchlines that weave all the components together into a compelling experience. Creating webcomics can easily become a full-time position in its own right.

But the overall point behind this webcomics discussion is this: adopting unique ideas into your marketing plan is always a step in the right direction. While your ideas may or may not turn out as you expected, building a reputation for innovation has its own benefit to your bottom line.

What creative marketing ideas have you tried at your organization?