A Square Postcard? Reviewing Square Card Reader Marketing

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Postcard: Design by Square, Inc.

"This Square card reader postcard is a great piece of marketing. Unfortunately, it only works if it lands in the right hands."

Square sent me a postcard soon after registering Tachmorn Marketing, LLC with the Texas Secretary of State. I'm sure they also do this with other businesses. You may even know someone who uses a Square card reader, but at the very least, you've probably heard about the technology.

The Square card reader plugs directly into your smart phone. You swipe a customer's credit card through the device and pay a transaction fee to collect instant payment for your product or service. I'm sure it works great for mobile professionals like indie rock bands. Or food truck operators. I've even seen some interesting applications at brick-and-mortar locations.

The thing is, while I love technology, my business does not have a need the Square card reader will address. So for my business, this postcard represents wasted money. You have to research and segment your mailing lists to reach the right people, and that takes time. Mass marketing does not always work for this very reason.

However, for the right audience, the Square card reader postcard actually is a nice piece of marketing.

Marketing Critique

Because there is always more to learn!


  • Small business
  • Mobile business

Audience Worldview

  • "I don't want a complex or custom solution. Just give me something I can turn on and use."

Marketing Story

  • "It's easy and cheap to accept credit cards in person."


  • Economic: The reader is free. It saves me time which saves me money.
  • Moral: N/A
  • Personal: Peace of Mind (no commitment needed, no complicated software to learn)

Call to Action

  • Get your free card reader at [squareup.com/free][2]


  • It's clean and uncluttered which will lead to increased readership.
  • I have a clear understanding of the product.
  • I know what they want me to do next.


  • Simple design is useful in situations where attention spans are short. Mass mailings qualify!
  • The marketing message is consistent.
  • The call to action is clear and strong.


  • I am not the target audience, which means if I were a normal person I would have immediately chucked this postcard. But I didn't! Marketers are weird.

So what's the lesson here? Know your audience.

How would you critique this Square card reader postcard?