New Frontiers In Gamification

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"How much more productive would your organization be if the entire day felt like a game rather than work?"

"Gamification" has been around a few years, and most marketers have at least thought about ways to incorporate this concept into their campaigns.

It's an interesting premise: Gamification employs psychology to reward specific tasks that serve your business objective. Often we see this used to boost social media community participation.

For example, Foursquare is a social channel devised entirely from gamification principles. Participants compete with friends, score points, and earn status based on usage. The ones who "win" are the ones who use Foursquare most.

But what if you could use these same gamification principles not just to drive marketing impressions but, instead, to improve efficiency within your organization?

Context through gamification

How you frame a situation determines attitude toward that situation. Gamification shifts that framing. Imagine this scenario:

Several work requests sit in your inbox.

You hate it when these pile up. There are three different people from three different departments who all want your input on their projects. Don't they know you're busy working on a customer request? Maybe there's time to respond to these new emails, maybe not. But everyone can just wait until you get to it.

With thoughtful gamification elements in place, this could be the new narrative:

You love seeing work requests land in your inbox. If you turn them out quickly enough, you'll take the office high score away from Johnson and may even win one of those European candy bars as a reward for first place. You're busy working on a customer request -- and that's important -- but you're just itching to knock out these three new emails, wipe that smile off Johnson's face, and walk away eating fancy chocolate.

Press start to play

Gamification Wiki is an informational treasure trove useful for planning a gamification effort. Start there. Learn the principles, learn the building blocks.

Most people would rather play a game than do work. So how much more productive would your organization be if the entire work day felt more like a game? Plenty.

Have you used gamification to shift internal processes at your organization?