Like a Sandcastle

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Photo: "Sand art and play at île du Havre Aubert in Îles-de-la-Madeleine" by Benoit Rochon

"Grains of sand form sandcastles just as small details form marketing systems. Our marketing success depends on our understanding of this complexity."

A system is a set of related ideas that works together. Systems produce marketing. Efficient marketing systems can produce good results, but it isn't always obvious why our systems succeed.

"Small details" are a common theme in modern content marketing. Examples from this theme often describe the finer points of specific marketing tactics.

Small details and fine points are all well and good, but what can we do with all this minutiae?

It's like a sandcastle. Tiny grains of sand have limited value when considered individually. However, when shaped into turrets and carved into walls, magnificent sandcastles emerge from the realm of ideas into reality. In the same way, marketing details can be gathered, stacked, and shaped into structures that support your promotional endeavors.

Let's use Twitter as an example. Business professionals everywhere can build Twitter marketing systems from these components:

  • Avatar
  • Background image
  • Header image
  • Username
  • Profile
  • Content plan
  • Campaign software
  • Tweets

Once combined, the decisions you made when shaping each component will define your user experience. Your success depends on making good decisions at each juncture. And much like a sandcastle, we can change these decisions and modify the system by adjusting our "small details". This is how you optimize your marketing.

It's much harder to pinpoint why your marketing is successful without understanding how your internal and external systems interact. But once we understand "the why", we can then duplicate our success and mitigate failure with far greater ease.

Intimate understanding of what we do and why we do it is a very pragmatic course of action toward building long-term results for your organization.