Marketing was once easy. In fact, it was often synonymous with advertising. You hired an artist to depict happy people using your product, wrote an accompanying paragraph or two extolling the virtues of life with your brand, and you ran... [ Keep Reading ]

New Frontiers In Gamification

"Gamification" has been around a few years, and most marketers have at least thought about ways to incorporate this concept into their campaigns. It's an interesting premise: Gamification employs psychology to reward specific tasks that serve your business objective. Often... [ Keep Reading ]

Marketing communicates the value of your product or service. This often leads to a transaction. We shout our "call to action" and hope the money rolls in, but there are times when the virtual currency we ask our customers to... [ Keep Reading ]

Information floods every corner of our modern Internet. We're all in a hurry, and interpreting the tidal wave before us requires snap judgments to process information quickly. Yahoo! News commenters frequently admit to only skimming articles before reading the attached... [ Keep Reading ]

Storytelling Is Selling

There are times when you get only one shot to make an impact. No do-overs, no second chances. We all want to be the hero of a story. Few of us are. Will you... [ Keep Reading ]

The signal-to-noise ratio in social media marketing can be described as a comparison of value versus junk. Becoming relevant takes work. Your content, its context, and your conversation methods must all be in sync. Begin tuning your social media marketing... [ Keep Reading ]

Do your coworkers hide when they see you coming? Good project management must efficiently handle constraints. If you manage resources of any kind, you know time and budgets are always finite quantities. However, when your project management philosophy neglects this... [ Keep Reading ]