David Timmons

My name is David Timmons. Software engineering and entrepreneurship are my passions. I particularly love studying new programming languages, exploring new business ideas, and of course, building software.

Current favorite technologies:
Python, JavaScript [ES2015, Node.js], Clojure, SQL


My career approach has always been motivated by a strong, innate desire to learn. I am continually driven to seek new ideas, acquire new skills, and refine existing abilities. Software engineering is my primary focus, though my career spans many years in business with an emphasis on technology, data, and marketing. I have worked at startups, been embedded in teams at Verizon, and have run my own business.


David Timmons


Austin, TX . USA


Technical Lead
@ Ascend Marketing



I can work throughout the software stack and enjoy each subject area, including front-end, back-end, database, and operations. Studying new programming languages and browser technologies is particularly fascinating to me.

I currently work as a technical lead at a marketing agency where my time is split between building an internal MVC Web application, designing and maintaining the SQL database for a marketing automation system, advising the executive team on technology topics, and managing various client projects.

Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions or want to talk, please send me an email.