David Timmons

My name is David Timmons. I’m a technologist and business veteran with success in agencies, startups, non-profits, and academic pursuits. My professional areas of interest include full-stack Web application development and entrepreneurship. I am keenly interested in functional programming.

My career approach has always been driven by a strong, innate desire to learn. I constantly acquire new ideas, techniques, and technical skills while actively seeking opportunities to push my boundaries even further. This is part of who I am, and it has enabled me to experience first-hand all aspects of modern business while specifically focusing on both technology and marketing.


David Timmons


Austin, TX . USA


Technical Project Lead
@ Ascend Marketing



A successful modern business requires a wide array of skills to be competitive. Publications such as Harvard Business Review have even gone so far to say the specialist era, characterized by employees with narrowly defined skills, has ended (see “All Hail the Generalist” by Vikram Mansharamani.)

My skills and experience enable me to excel at everything from building a Web application to building a marketing department. I love a good challenge and value an environment of collaboration and mutual respect. Strong focus and attention to detail are among my other talents and enable me to devote my best work to every project.

Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions or want to talk, please send me an email.